• Evergreen Adult
    Development Center
    Our mission is to provide the highest quality
    of care by providing innovative, integrative and an
    all-inclusive recreational and therapeutic
    programming that each client at EADC deserves.


EADC was established in 1989 with the goal of reaching out and making a difference into the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Our administration and dedicated staff is set on the advancement of developing and creating innovative programs for the needs of people with cognitive, social, emotional and physical disabilities.

EADC is committed to the individual growth of each consumer by allowing each client the freedom to participate and make independent healthy choices and empowering them to a standard of excellence and independence.

Our Goal

Our goal at EADC is to provide the best possible programs curtailed to the individual needs of the clients that will enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, physical development and independence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide training programs that will develop clients' independent living skills to their highest potential.


Empowering Individuals for Excellence and Independence

Evergreen Adult Development Center